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Gulf Sunrise Agency would not be where they are today without the support of our loyal and valued clients, superb vendors, and dedicated employees who continually strive to give their best each and every day. To all those who have contributed thus far to our success, we offer our sincere gratitude.


Prior to opening Gulf Sunrise Agency, President Chris Landry had been employed within the maritime agency sector for more than 43 years. Driven by his immense passion for the industry, Chris decided that it was time to use his years of experience to start out on his own, creating his own company with an emphasis on personalized service.  Chris has employed exceptional staff along the way, with a combined experience of 80+ years and whom are willing/ready to meet your agency needs.


With our strong vision and drive for the industry, we are able to provide excellent service without being caught up in the politics that we now see within the international agencies. We are able to offer a product that we feel is superior to others and can assist owners/charterers to achieve faster, more cost efficient port calls.


The negative impacts of non-compliance and the complexities of regulations continue to increase. With this comes the escalation of occurrences of fines and delays, which represents a growing problem for ship owners and charterers worldwide. Now more than ever, Gulf Sunrise Agency continues to be proactive and dedicated to providing solutions and assistance to our principals within the US Gulf including East Coast ports.

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